Offered 6 days a week, you’ll workout with fellow athletes under the watchful eye of a CF317 Coach.

Workouts are scaled based on an athlete’s experience and abilities.

This class is the heart of the CrossFit community and incorporates elements of Strength, Power, Speed, Stamina, Accuracy, Agility, Balance, Flexibility Coordination and Cardio/Respiratory Endurance.

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A good personal trainer helps you build a habit you’ll keep for life.  After all, becoming a different person means doing things with which you may not be comfortable at first.

A good personal trainer is part coach, part cheerleader, part kinesiologist, part physicist, and part fan.

Your path to self-betterment starts with a Bright Spots session: what are you already doing right? How can we use those Bright Spots to leverage improvement…how can we help you get used to success? What does success feel like to you?

Key to the perfection of technique and effective scaling of workouts is the Coach and CrossFit 317 coaches are the best at what they do!


Open gym hours provide our members an additional opportunity to work on various skills, techniques, or to simply do their own work out.

We love that we have lots of Open Gym hours – 70+ per week!!! Having two separate rooms in our facility allows our members to use Open Gym to its fullest potential.

We always have a coach available during these hours to offer help and address any questions you might have.


Price : $20/Monthly (Must have CF membership)


Open Gym Hours:

Weekdays – Normal Business hours (except when back room is in use)

Saturday: 8am-12pm & Sunday: 1:00pm – 3:00pm

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The Green Army is our competition programming and classes. It is designed for the athletes that have a desire to compete in CrossFit as a sport. The volume and workouts reflect the work necessary required for competition.

Price: $149/month

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Using activities that kids naturally enjoy, CrossFit 317 Kids provides a fitness program that is safe, fun and energetic. At CrossFit 317, our CrossFit Kids program uses a combination of skill practice, workouts and games to build athleticism in children.

CrossFit 317 Kids make fitness FUN.

In addition to learning new skills, you will notice your child makes better food choices, has greater confidence in themselves and their abilities, is more focused in school, and transitions to new sports more easily. We are also committed to teaching children to become successful leaders while also promoting the importance of health and fitness in a safe and positive learning environment.


Kids (Ages 5-10):

Monthly Membership: $60

Pay Per Class: $10

Class times:
Tuesday & Thursday 5:30-6:30pm

All classes are instructed by Ian Williams



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