“Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, little starch and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise, but not body fat.”

(CrossFit Journal, 2002, Fitness in 100 Words)

Meet our Nutrition Coach: Danielle Whitlock!

We are sure you’ve all heard that nutrition is the foundation for performance. In fact, nutrition is the base of the pyramid Crossfit founder Greg Glassman created, with met-cons, gymnastics, weight lifting and sport all being supported by it. What we put into our bodies greatly affects how we look, feel, and perform, but most athletes make nutrition secondary in their training. Coming to CrossFit 317 consistently, ready to work, wanting to take it to the next level and hoping to set PRs, but if you are also consistently feeding your body junk isn’t going to help you perform at the highest level. So what should you do?

Changing body composition is hard. Through all the fad diets and magic pills only one fat loss method has stood the test of time:  energy management. At Crossfit 317 we can guide you through your nutrition and weight loss goals. A nutrition coach will educate you, motivate you, and most importantly keep you accountable. Having a coach and community will be the distinction that takes you to the next level.

Energy management is simple for weight loss, expend more calories daily than you consume. While this is simple, there are many factors and mechanics that determine your daily calorie expenditure. Your nutrition coach takes all of the guessing out this for you by studying your daily activity, your body type, and your overall health. We will zero in on your custom nutrition needs and educate you on how to track your daily calorie intake.

No, you do not have to meticulously measure, weigh, and track everything you eat. After you spend a short while developing a few meal plans that are balanced for your specific weight loss plan, you’ll have learned a set of skills that allows you to eat more intuitively while still being aware of how the food you’re eating will impact your body composition.

The composition of your meals, along with your choice of exercise, will tip the scale in favor of losing less muscle mass/more fat as your weight drops.  Losing muscle isn’t ideal at all if your goal is to look good in your bathing suit, so taking every advantage to preserve it is going to be important. Your nutrition coach will dial in on the exact balance to make your body preserve/gain lean muscle mass while burning fat.

The same principles used in weight loss are applied to weight and muscle gain. We can help you reach fitness goals, gain lean muscle mass, and improve overall strength. We achieve this by developing a strategic balance of protein/carbohydrates/fat in your diet, and consuming these at key times around your daily workout. We can also help recommend proper supplementation if that is a tool you are using to aid in performance.

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 If you have struggled to find a nutrition program that fits your lifestyle, while improving your results in the gym, our nutrition services are for you!

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