Indianapolis, Hendricks County, Avon
6.9.19 WOD
June 8, 2019
Brownsburg Fitness facility
Member Monday
June 10, 2019

6.10.19 WOD

CrossFit WOD

1) Zercher box squat: Build to a heavy 1. Every 2:00 x 8

2) Glute hip thrust: 5 x 8. Rest 90s.

3) DB Step-ups: 3 x 10 ea. Rest 90s.
–Perform all reps on each leg before switching sides.

4) Farmer carry: Max 100ft. trips in 7:00

Extra Credit
Single leg banded hamstring curls: 3 x 30 ea. Rest 60s

Burn WOD

For time:
400m Run
21 Sandbag thrusters (80/40)
800m Run
15 Sandbag thrusters
1200m Run
9 Sandbag thrusters
*20:00 cap

5 min rest

Tabata 20/10 x 8:
Hollow hold

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