fitness, Hendricks County
May 12, 2019
CrossFit, Indianapolis, Pittsboro
5.15.19 WOD
May 14, 2019

5.14.19 WOD

Indianapolis, Hendricks County

CrossFit WOD

Push press + push jerk + split jerk: 10 x 1 + 1 + 1. Every 90s.
–Build to a moderate weight over the course of 10 sets.

15:00 AMRAP
40 Double unders
30 DB renegade rows, total (50/35)
20 Hang power snatch (75/55)
10 T2B

Rx+: 95/65, 5/2 ring muscle-ups after T2B
L3: 65/45
L2: Double under attempts, 55/35, knee lifts
L1: Single unders, 45/35, Abmat sit-ups

Extra Credit
Banded triceps complex
–Supinated grip pushdown x 90s max reps
–Neutral grip pushdown x 90s max reps
–Overhead extension x 90s max reps
*Denote TOTAL number reps complete

Burn WOD

25:00 AMRAP w/ a partner:
100 Double unders
100 Sit-ups
100 Box jumps
100 Push ups

Max wall sit

Max plank hold

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