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May Athlete Of The Month
April 29, 2019
Indianapolis, Avon, Speedway
5.1.19 WOD
April 30, 2019

4.30.19 WOD

Hendricks County, strength and conditioning

CrossFit WOD

Close grip floor press: 5 x 5 @70% of 4/26. Every 2 min.

AMRAP 15:00
10 Burpee pull-ups
15/10 Calorie bike (or 20/15 calorie row)

Rx+: Strict HSPU
L3: HSPU to 1 Abmat
L2: Push-ups
L1: Box Push-ups, burpees w/o pull-up

Extra Credit
Banded back complex:
50 Pulldowns
50 Banded facepulls
50 Banded pull-aparts (supinated grip)
*Minimal rest, complete faster than 4/9.

Burn WOD

30:00 AMRAP w/ a partner:
50 Sit-ups
50 KBS (53/35)
2 Laps backward sled pull

Foam roll/ mobility

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