Hendricks County, Indianapolis, Speedway
2.26.19 WOD
February 25, 2019
2.28.19 WOD
February 27, 2019

2.27.19 WOD

Indianapolis, Hendricks County, fitness

CrossFit WOD

Gymnastic skill work
EMOM 8:00
30s of practice
*Select a different skill than last week

Every 5:00 x 5
Row 400m
15 KBS (53/35)
30 Double unders

Extra Credit
Hollow hold: 3 x 20s.
*After each set complete 50 double leg banded leg curls

Burn WOD

For time:
Db thruster

3 Rounds, not for time:
10 Db curls
10 Laying tri extension
10 Db bent over row
10 Db floor press

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