Indianapolis, Hendricks County, Speedway
2.8.19 WOD
February 7, 2019
CrossFit, Indianapolis, Hendricks County
2.10.19 WOD
February 9, 2019

2.9.19 WOD

Indianapolis, Speedway, Hendricks County

CrossFit WOD

AMRAP 36:00 with a partner:
Buy in:
5k Row
Then in remaining time:
30 Alt. DB snatches (50/35)
60 Wall balls (20/14)
90 Double unders

Rx+: 55/40, 30/20
L3: 45/30
L2: 35/20, 14/10, double under attempts
L1: 30/15, 10/8, single unders

Extra Credit
100 Reps of:
Banded pushdowns
Banded leg curls
*Accumulate volume however you see fit

Burn WOD

29:00 AMRAP w/ a partner:
Max rep Pull-ups x 5 mins
Rest 1 min
Max rep sled Pulls x 5 mins
Rest 1 min
Max rep burpees x 5 mins
Rest 1 min
Max rep sled pulls x 5 mins
Rest 1 min
Max rep pull-ups x 5 mins

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