Member Monday

Indianapolis, Hendricks County, Avon
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December 23, 2018
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December 25, 2018

Member Monday

Brownsburg Fitness facility“Our members show up, push themselves and find they have no limits!” -Ashley Bacsu, owner of CrossFit 317

Over the past year we’ve featured over fifty 317 athletes through Member Monday interviews. Today we step back and look at five of the characteristics that our members don’t always share about themselves in those interviews.

1. 317 members are overwhelmingly supportive of each other. Spend any amount of time in class and you’ll hear a chorus of “You got this!” and “Great job!” sentiments being shouted out. It’s a genuine support system that enables people to be more successful than if they were on their own.

Zionsville, Indianapolis, Speedway

2. They have a desire to learn and improve. Members are respectful of the 317 staff and take their feedback and instruction to heart. Every month our PR board fills up due to this willingness to step out of their comfort zone and tackle new skills.

Indianapolis, Hendricks County, Speedway

3. 317 members continually accepts new challenges. From new warm up movements, to new programs, to jumping in on their very first competition, “I’ll give it a shot!” is a response that we love to hear.

Indianapolis, Hendricks County

4. They are community minded. In 2018 we hosted one of our largest Memorial Day Murph events, and offered several Bring A Friend days. 317 members showed up in a big way by bringing friends and family members to these classes, helping us reach even more people.

Indianapolis, Hendricks County, Speedway

CrossFit, Indianapolis, Hendricks County

CrossFit, Indianapolis

5. They know how to have a good time! 2018 brought us the Beer Mile, Trivia Night, parking lot football warm-ups, and more. Soon we’ll be planning 2019 and we’re confident that the 317 crew will continue to shine!

Brownsburg, CrossFit, Indianapolis

Indianapolis, Hendricks County

Brownsburg, Speedway, Avon

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