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September 16, 2018
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September 17, 2018

Member Monday

Brownsburg Fitness facility“I LOVE the coaching staff!!!!!  They are super supportive & make it fun to be there…”

We’re getting to know Amanda Henriott today. While she’s only been a member at 317 since May she’s no stranger to CrossFit. Read on to get to know more about Amanda, including some fantastic health marker improvements.

Tell us a little about yourself. Career? Family life? Let’s get to know you!
“Currently, after leaving a retail management career of nearly 20 years, I am a Front Desk Coordinator for F.C. Tucker.  It was supposed to be temporary, but they are trying to keep me here; as of now I am gainfully employed at least through March!  I love it, the 80 agents I work with are great people, with many different personalities & interesting life stories!  As far as family, I have a 10 year old daughter, Layknn, who is really into dancing (she’s on a competition team & has class 4x a week!), soccer,  basketball, & art.  She is in 5th grade at Lincoln, in Brownsburg.  I also have 3 dogs, 2 Min Pins & a Jack Russell – Sparky, Max, & Reilley.”

What made you consider joining a CrossFit gym?
“Layknn’s kindergarten teacher, Beka Collins!  I volunteered a lot at the school, & Beka is in amazing shape.  I asked her what she did, I was looking to get into something other than running, & she told me about CrossFit, & how she and her husband Brandon were coaches.  I started at Notch 8 the next week, with Brandon & Esther Stein doing my On Ramp.”

Why did you choose CrossFit 317?
“I was REALLY struggling with my asthma & had to take some time off.  Even at this time last year, I couldn’t complete a workout without coughing up blood.  I was on prednisone very regularly & it was just awful!  I ended up taking about a year, year and a half off to get that under control, plus deal with the loss of my dad, who I was close to.  When I was ready, I picked 317 because it was close to my house & I wouldn’t be able to use the excuse of I don’t want to deal with traffic (my last gym was off 82nd & Michigan – Dash).  I also picked 317 for Lori, who I knew from CrossFit Brownsburg, & gets dealing with asthma.”

Indianapolis, Speedway, Hendricks County

Please share some of your first impressions of the facility, the workouts, the coaching, and the class environment.
“I LOVE the coaching staff!!!!!  They are super supportive & make it fun to be there, even at 5:30 in the morning & I am NOT a morning person, which is why I am always late! The workouts are also not extreme & are doable & I am not the only one scaling things, which makes it more motivating!”

What physical changes have you seen thus far?
“My pants seem to keep growing…  I’ve had to go clothes shopping twice already since I started back in late April, because it’s not fun to try to walk & hold your pants up.  The agents I work with like to ask me daily about what I did at the gym that morning & how I look like I’ve lost more.  I wish I had done a body fat analysis then, but I didn’t want to know the answers.  I knew what the scale said, & that was enough!”

How has your training at CrossFit 317 impacted your life outside of the gym?
“I feel like I can maybe breathe a little bit better.  I definitely have more energy.  My asthma is a thousand times better than it was a year ago – I know some of that is from finally getting my asthma/allergy meds figured out, but I’d like to think some of it is from CrossFit!  My blood pressure & heart rate have dropped as well.  My BP had hit a point where it was on the high end of normal, which made me pretty unhappy!”

What has surprised you the most about being part of the CrossFit 317 community?
“It definitely feels more like a community than some other places I’ve been!  People are so welcoming & friendly & encouraging.  Everyone is also at different levels of fitness, across the board, so that’s encouraging as well!”

Indianapolis fitness, Avon

Did you have a moment where you knew CrossFit was for you?
“I think shortly after I started…  I started having issues with my foot two months in & got discouraged.  I finally went to the doctor when it wouldn’t heal & found out I had a pin that had broke loose & was rattling around inside my ankle.  I would need surgery & I thought I would have to quit, at least for 8 months, but Esther had a plan immediately & my doctor agreed to it, which is amazing.  I was back in the gym 10 days post op, in a cast, & actually bounced back 3-4 months faster than the expected recovery time for what I had done.  And straight out of a boot, the first week, I was hitting PRs in nearly every lift!”

What advice would you offer someone that’s considering CrossFit 317?
“DO IT!  Everything can be scaled to your level.  And as a female, it’s really empowering!”

Besides coming to class, what do you enjoy doing in your free time? Any hobbies?
“Does playing Mom Taxi count?!?!  Besides that, I love spa days – I keep my esthetician in business!  I also love wine, coffee, cooking & baking – I’m a pretty good cook.  I also like reading, & recently joined a Facebook book club with some of my girls from college – we are reading “Girl, Wash Your Face,” which I highly recommend!”

One last really important question. If you owned a boat, what would you name it?
“Haha…  This one is going to make me the most hated person in the gym!   I’d take a page from Bill Belichick, one of my favorite people ever…  “5 Rings” in honor of the Greatest NFL Coach Ever (His boat is 6 Rings) & my favorite football team.  Of course, I’d have to rename it every so often, as they add to their stash of Lombardis!”

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