Don’t Settle For Stinky Knee Sleeves (Please!)
May 15, 2018
5.17.18. WOD
May 16, 2018

5.16.18. WOD

CrossFit, Brownsburg, Indianapolis, Pittsboro

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Pittsboro, Avon, Zionsville, Indianapolis

Take our travel WODs with you this summer break! They’re perfect for maintaining healthy habits while on vacation.

CrossFit, fitness, Indianapolis

CrossFit WOD

3 Rounds for quality:
10s L-sit hold
10s Ring support
10 Alternating pistols/20s handstand hold


25:00 of:
1a) Sledpull powerwalk x 50 yards. Rest 60s.
1b) Single arm farmer carry x 50 yards each. Rest 60s
1c) Double DB rows x 10. Rest 60s.


Extra Credit
2 Rounds of:
Banded hip flexor pulls x 25 each
Single leg banded curls x 50 each
Rest as needed.

Burn WOD

20:00 AMRAP
Run, 400 m
25 Wall balls


Plank hold 8 x 20s
*Rest 10s between sets.

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