4.28.18. WOD
April 27, 2018
4.30.18. WOD
April 29, 2018

4.29.18. WOD

Brownsburg, Indianapolis

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CrossFit, Brownsburg, Indianapolis, Pittsboro

The CrossFit 317 team is continuing to accept donations for the first WOD of Strength In The Streets. We’ve hit our first goal but still have a way to go to reach the next one. Learn more and make your donation.

Speedway, Pittsboro, Indianapolis


Bear Complex: Work up to a heavy set in 8:00
*This can be broke down by each movement or done as squat clean thruster + back squat thruster


“The Bear”
AMRAP 7:00
Bear Complex (135/95)

L3: 115/75
L2: 95/65
L1: 75/55


Extra Credit
1a) DB bench press, neutral grip: 4 x 10-12. Rest 30s.
1b) 1-Arm KB reverse lunges: 4 x 6 ea. Rest 30s.
1c) Single leg banded paloff press: 4 x 6-8 ea. Rest 30s.

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