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April 23, 2018
4.25.18. WOD
April 24, 2018

4.24.18. WOD

CrossFit, Brownsburg, Indianapolis, Pittsboro

The CrossFit 317 Strength In Our Streets team is helping raise funds for the homeless of Indianapolis! Head over to their fundraising page to donate.

Hendricks County, Indianapolis, Speedway

Push Press: 1RM. Rest 2:00


Every 4:00 x 5 sets:
7 Burpee pull-ups
20 DB Renegade rows (total)
30 Double Unders
Single arm OH KB carry x 50 ft. each
*Score = Fastest split

L2: Regular Burpees, 15 double unders
L1: Regular burpees, 30 single unders


Extra Credit
Upper body Giant Set #3
1a) Seated incline DB curls: 3 x 8-10. No rest.
1b) Prone cobra raise (external rotation): 3 x 10-15. No rest.
1c) Prone lateral raise pronated grip: 3 x 10-15. Rest 60s.

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