3.7.18. WOD
March 6, 2018
4 Myths about CrossFit That Might Surprise You
March 8, 2018

3.8.18. WOD

Indianapolis fitness

Spend a little time working on your mobility before 18.3. Join us for Restore & Relax every Thursday during the CrossFit Open at 10am and 5:30pm.

Indianapolis fitness CrossFit


Indianapolis fitness

Wide Stance Box Squat: 4 x 4 @65%, every 60s.
Then, 3 sets of 2 of up to a challenging set. Rest 90s-2:00


“Complex A”
4 Rounds of:
8 Hang power cleans (115/75)
8 Front squats
8 Push press
8 Back squat
8 Good mornings
8 BB rows
Rest 2:00
*Score = Load used. All sets must be done without dropping the bar
*Compare to 12/20

L3: 95/65
L2: 75/55
L1: 65/35


Extra Credit
3 Rounds of:
20 Banded pulldowns
10 Single leg KB RDLs, each
20 Landmine rotations

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