3.3.18. WOD
March 2, 2018
3.5.18. WOD
March 4, 2018

3..4.18. WOD

Indianapolis fitness CrossFit

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Brownsburg gym, Indianapolis

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CrossFit gym

Bench press: 4 x 5. Rest 60s.
-add weight each set

DB split squat: 4 x 6 ea. Rest 60s.


AMRAP 20:00 w/ a partner:
Row 500 meters/ Bike 30/25 cal
21 Hang squat cleans (115/75)
*One person works. Split in half.

L3: 95/65
L2: 75/55
L1: 65/35


Extra Credit:
AMRAP 8:00
15 Banded pushdowns
15 Banded pulldowns
100ft. farmer carry, heavy

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