2.3.18. WOD
February 2, 2018
2.5.18. WOD
February 4, 2018

2.4.18. WOD

Indianapolis, Hendricks County

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CrossFit, Brownsburg, fitness

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CrossFit, Indianapolis, Zionsville

Sledpush: 6 x down and back in backroom. Rest 90s
– Add weight each set.


EMOM 18:00
5 Bench press (BW, 1/2 BW for ladies)
5 Goblet squat (70/53)
*1 Rope climb after each set.
*Add 1 rep to bench press and 2 reps to goblet squat after each round. One athlete completes a full round while their partner rests. ie. one athlete works on even minutes and one athlete works on odd minutes.

L3: 3/4 BW, 53/35
L2: 1/2 BW, 35/26, 5 strict band assisted chin-ups after each round
L1: Coaches choice of loading, 6 ring rows after each round


Extra Credit
1 Round of:
100 Banded pull-aparts
75 Banded leg curls each
50 Banded pull-throughs
30 Reverse crunches

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