Off The Sidelines, In To The Game

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January 29, 2018
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January 29, 2018

Off The Sidelines, In To The Game

Recently Jen Muzzillo shared with us a bit about what participating in the CrossFit Games Open means to her and what her experience was like in the 2017 CrossFit 317 Intramural Open. Check out her story and then see what’s new and improved for 2018 below.

We hope that all of our CrossFit 317 community members will have a chance to join us for the fun!

“For five weeks each winter we all have the chance to become games athletes. Growing up I would never consider myself athletic. Sure I played volleyball, basketball and the uber competitive CYO kickball all through elementary and middle school. But when high school and then college came around I found myself on the side lines cheering on my friends rather than out on the court. 

Indianapolis, Speedway, Pittsboro

When I started CrossFit a little over three years ago it was to become strong, never thinking of myself as an athlete. I spent the first two years of CrossFit once again sitting on the sidelines during the open convinced that I wasn’t athletic enough to compete. Last year after losing a lot of my pregnancy weight and feeling a lot more confident in my skin (really for the first time in my entire life) I decided that I was ready to get off the bench and compete! No, I knew I wasn’t going to regionals. In reality I was competing against my old self. The one who said you can’t do this. You’re too out of shape. You’re not strong enough, young enough. You’re not an athlete. I was competing against a younger, less confident version of myself, in my mind. 

Brownsburg, Avon, Speedway

Last February I signed up to do my first Open. And I was determined to give it my all every Friday night at the gym. I was told the Friday night environment was fun and electric but I wasn’t prepared for it.  The comradely and support from fellow athletes and spectators was infectious! You couldn’t help but smile and cheer on your friends as they hit personal bests. And although our WODs were being judged I never once felt “judged” for my performance. Just pure support from my fellow Crossfit 317 Family.”

What’s Different This Year?

We always encourage everyone to sign up for the Open at, but this year, to be a part of our Intramural Open, that is not a requirement. (You just need to sign up through Pike13)

T-shirts are included in the cost!

Weekly challenges will allow you to add points for your team!

We’ll still have weekly themes…but we’re getting even crazier this year!

Friday nights will be a little more exciting! Think lights & loud speaker! Oh yeah…food and drinks!

There will be a swag bag prize for the winning team!

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