1.10.18. WOD
January 9, 2018
1.12.18. WOD
January 11, 2018

1.11.18. WOD

fitness, gym, Brownsburg, Indianapolis

Registration is open for Kick Start, our 6 week beginners challenge. This one is all about fitness, nutrition, and accountability.

paleo, Brownsburg, Indianapolis

CrossFit, Indianapolis, gym

EMOM 30:00
Minute 1: 40s DB Renegade rows (50/30)
Minute 2: 40s Mountain climbers (2 count)
Minute 3: 40s Alternating weighted* step-ups (24/20)
Minute 4: 40s Hollow rocks
Minute 5: 40s DB thrusters (50/30)
Minute 6: Rest
*Athlete choice of weight


Extra Credit
AMRAP 5:00 of:
8 Single leg RDLs, each
10 Standing banded rotations, each

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