12.5.17. WOD
December 4, 2017
12.7.17. WOD
December 6, 2017

12.6.17. WOD


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It’s almost Snow Brawl time! Join us on Saturday, December 16th for a day of fun and competition.


Speed floor press: 9 x 3, every 60s @65% of 3RM or a moderate weight.
– +5% from last week.
– Pause for a 1 count on each rep.
– Change grip every 3 sets.


Every 4:00 x 5 sets:
10 Pull-ups
10 Front squats (135/95)
10 Push press (135/95)

Rx+: C2B pull-ups
L3: 8 Band assisted pull-ups per round, 115/75
L2: 8 Band assisted chin-ups per round, 95/65
L1: 10 Ring row per round, 65/35


Extra Credit
3 Rounds of:
8 Ring or inverted rows w/ a pause (2 count)
12 DB tricep extensions from the floor w/ a pause (1 count)
20s RKC plank
*Rest as needed.

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