One Thousand Words

December 2017 Athlete Of The Month
December 4, 2017
12.5.17. WOD
December 4, 2017

One Thousand Words

By Coach Lori

I always say that my goal as a photographer is to tell a story. It’s the portrait photographer in me. I want the viewer to feel like they know a little more about the person in the shot as they flip through our collection of CrossFit317 images. For there to be something about the image before them that makes them pause and look a little closer. Maybe they’ve never done CrossFit but they see themselves, or someone that they can relate to, in one of these images. Maybe you’re the subject and the shot makes you go “Dang! I look fierce!” 😉 With the nature of our busy lives and the overwhelming influx of information, sometimes it’s nice to have something that catches your attention long enough for you to make a connection to it.

So I thought for today it might be fun to take a little look in to my side of the camera and the reasons why I love the following portraits from 2017. Of course in no way is this a complete collection. We’d need a much longer blog post to include all of my favorites.



Sometimes it’s because I can relate to the feeling that they’re experiencing. That euphoria of pushing past your limits, or reaching a goal.

CrossFit, gym, Indianpolis

Sometimes it’s because there’s a quite beauty and stillness about the moment. 

Hendricks County fitness

Sometimes it’s because I have a chance to capture someone’s strength and their ability to look calm under pressure.

Or it’s a glimpse in to the community that evolves from a group of people that work hard and support each other. Others believing in you when you don’t always believe in yourself.


And sometimes it’s because I captured the spirit of CrossFit (and arguably the key to a well lived life). Giving your all, right up until the moment the clock runs out.


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