One Thousand Words
December 4, 2017
12.6.17. WOD
December 5, 2017

12.5.17. WOD

Indianapolis, Avon, Zionsville

CrossFit 317 members, use code 317STRONG when registering for your special members only discount.


EMOM 20:00
Odd minutes: 10 calorie row
Even minutes: 10 burpees
*Score = total reps

L2: 8 calories, 8 burpees
L1: 30s max calories, 30s of max burpees


15:00 at 60-70% of max effort
Run, row, or bike
*Choose one or mix and match


Extra Credit
4 Rounds, rest as needed:
25 Banded pull-aparts
25 each banded leg curls

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