11.14.17. WOD
November 13, 2017
11.16.17. WOD
November 15, 2017

11.15.17. WOD

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1a) Barbell rows: Accumulate 60 reps, AHAP. Rest 90s.
– Accumulate the first 30 reps with a pronated grip and the last 30 with a supinated grip.

1b) Perform 10 slow and controlled banded pushdowns between sets.


4 Rounds, each for time:
18/15 calorie row
15 Box jumps w/ step down (24/20)
12 Push press (135/95)
9 Pull-ups
Rest 60s.
*20:00 cap
**Score = slowest split

L3: 115, 75
L2: 20/15, 95/65, band assisted
L1: 20/15 step-ups, 65/35, ring rows


Extra Credit:
1a) DB pull-overs: 3 x 10. Rest 30s.
1b) Bent-over rear delt raises: 3 x 15-20. Rest 30s.
2) Elbow Plank: Accumulate 2:00. Use weight if needed.

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