5 Tips to Surviving the Holidays

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November 5, 2017
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November 6, 2017

5 Tips to Surviving the Holidays

Written by: Coach Danielle Whitlock

As we head into November, it’s time start thinking about the holidays, and how to navigate all of the food that comes with them. Here are a few tips to help you manage, while still allowing your favorite treats and traditions.

1. Each holiday is only one day. While sometimes you may have to split holidays and celebrate on more than one day, the entire holiday season is not reason to abandon all of your nutrition goals and engage in a free-for-all from Thanksgiving to New Years.

2. Don’t feel obligated to clean your plate. Load your plate with lean proteins and veggies. Then feel free to indulge in one of your favorite cookies or piece of pie. Don’t have your mind set on finishing off all of your desserts or trying all of them. Take a bite or two of your favorites and then give it a few minutes. Many times, a few bites is all you need to satisfy your sweet tooth.

3. If in doubt, bring your own food. If you know that Aunt Sally’s sweet potatoes are made with sticks of butter and cups of sugar, don’t be afraid to bring your own healthier version. You don’t have to make a big deal about it, and if anyone asks, just let them know that you have specific goals that you are working on at the gym.

4. Find someone that can help keep you accountable. Sometimes in the midst of all of the family craziness, it can just be a look or raise of the eyebrow that can remind you to keep your goals in mind. If you aren’t someone that likes your spouse or loved ones getting on you about your nutrition, don’t be afraid to use technology. Set up reminders on your phone to help you remember to make good choices, or find a friend to text with and keep each other accountable.

5. Make your holidays more about enjoying your family than about food. After all, that’s what the season really is about. Enjoy the company, have a few bites of your favorite treats and make plans to get right back to your normal eating the very next day.

Here are a few websites that I go to for holiday recipes every year:
Against All Grain
Civilized Caveman
Real Everything

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