10.21.17. WOD
October 20, 2017
10.23.17. WOD
October 22, 2017

10.22.17. WOD

Brownsburg, Indianapolis, Avon

Will your pumpkin survive? It’s The Great Pumpkin WOD next Saturday!

Brownsburg, Indianapolis, Avon, Zionsville

New date and time for Rowling For A Cause. Grab a partner and put your name on the sign-up sheet at the gym!

fitness, Indianapolis, Avon, Speedway

Squat Snatch: 15:00
-working on technique and to a challenging load that does not compromise movement patterns. Rest as needed.


20:00 EMOM
Minute 1: 3 power cleans, add weight each round.
Minute 2: 100m run
Minute 3: 6 front squat (same weight used for cleans)
Minute 4: 10 burpees
Minute 5: Rest


Extra Credit
– 50-100 Banded pushdowns
– 50-100 Banded pull-aparts

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