10.20.17. WOD
October 19, 2017
10.22.17. WOD
October 21, 2017

10.21.17. WOD

Brownsburg, Indianapolis, Avon

Grab a pumpking and join us for The Great Pumpkin WOD!

Brownsburg, Indianapolis, Avon, Zionsville

New date and time for Rowling For A Cause. Join us on Saturday morning for two great events!

“Running Barbara w/ a partner”
30:00 AMRAP
20 Pull-ups
30 Push-ups
40 Abmat sit-ups
50 Air squats
Run 400 meters
*One person works. Split as needed.

Rx+: C2B pull-ups, alternating pistols for air squats
L2: Band assisted pull-ups, box push-ups
L1: Modify volume if needed, ring rows, wall push-ups


Extra Credit
50 Barbell curls
100 Banded pushdowns
400 Meter of heavy farmer carry

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