CrossFit Lessons Found In A High School Auditorium

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September 14, 2017
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September 15, 2017

CrossFit Lessons Found In A High School Auditorium

Written by: Coach Lori McCoy

Sitting in my daughter’s high school open house and the principal popped a similar list up on the screen. As he read through each point it struck me how every tip applied to CrossFit as well as school. I encourage you to implement these tips in the coming weeks and take note of how they impact your experience and results.

Ten Ways To Improve That Don’t Involve Talent

  1. Be on time (or early!) to class: The warm-up is just as important as the workout. Arriving a little early is also a great way to allow for time to mentally transition from parent/employee/caregiver to a mindset of self-care and focusing on your own health needs.
  2. Be ok with hard work: There’s something to be said for some good physical labor. It builds character and mental fortitude.
  3. Put honest effort in to all that you do: Did you really give your 100% today?
  4. Watch your body language: Shoulders slumped and a sloppy stance while standing on the edge of the gym floor during instruction doesn’t say “I want to be successful!” Stand up tall and physically find a spot within the group where you can hear and see the coach.
  5. Bring the energy with you: Positive energy is contagious. Unfortunately so is negative energy. If you’re enthusiastic about your time in the gym others will pick up on that.
  6. Have a great attitude: You are 100% in control of the narrative running in your head. Make it something that you would want to say to a friend.
  7. Find your passion: What about CrossFit, and activities outside the gym, make your heart happy? Focus on how other movements that might not always be your favorite support the movements that are.
  8. Be willing to be a student again: Your school days may long be over but CrossFit classes provide the chance to get back in to the student mindset. Countless studies have show that learning and performing new skills are a key to a healthy mind and body.
  9. Do your homework: If you coach tells you that it would be helpful to practice a movement on your own, make the effort to get it done.
  10. Arrive to class prepared: Pack your gym bag the night before, plan your pre-workout snack, and show up ready to work.

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