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November 14, 2016
11.16.16. WOD
November 15, 2016

11.15.16. WOD

Not sure you’ll know all the moves? Don’t fret!

Every single class at CrossFit 317 begins with a detailed explanation of what moves we’re doing that day, and how the workout will run.

Still have questions? That’s what we’re here for, ask away!


Gymnastics Skill Work

Ring Muscle-ups Transitions or

Ring Muscle-ups Accumulate 15-30 reps depending on your level. 

Break up sets however you like. 

Lots of options: Actual muscle ups, jumping muscle ups, sit on ground with rings attached to rig with bands, toenail drill(working transitions with toes on ground)


4 RFT: (22 min cap)

25 Assault Bike Calories

25 KBS (53, 35)


L3: (35, 26)

L2: (26, 19)

L1: (10 cal) (35, 25 Rus. Swing)

Extra Credit: 3 x 1:00m Weighted Plank

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