Success Shaming: The Hurt Of The Underhanded Compliment

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August 1, 2016
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August 2, 2016

Success Shaming: The Hurt Of The Underhanded Compliment

I have seen and heard a lot of this lately, especially on social media comments when someone posts healthful and weight loss success. Here’s what it looks and sounds like: “Too bad you don’t get to eat the cake”, “You don’t look good, do you feel ok?”,  “I’d rather have fun than deprive myself”, “You looked fine the way you were”, “Are you sure you are staying heathy”, or even a simple “Better you than me”.

This shaming can be blatant or hidden, but either way, it needs to STOP! We have no idea why this person has chosen to start a healthy journey and the reasons could be very serious and your words will sting. If you’re the perp, consider asking what program they are following, or just simply keep your opinion to yourself. If you ever fall victim, well I’m not here to teach manners, so react as you feel appropriate. But just remember these comments are coming from jealousy, self-pity, and insecurities; use any negative banter to fuel you to your next goal!

-Coach Kelly

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