Do You Train Or Do You Workout?
June 27, 2016
Makenley Deuschle | July Athlete of the Month
June 29, 2016

6.29.16 WOD

DSC_0093 (2)

4 Sets
Strict Press – 5 reps
(Increasing weight)
rest 1 min
Strict Close Grip Chin-up – 5 reps
rest 1 min
12 min EMOM
Minute 1: 30 sec of Alt. DB Hang Power Snatches
Minute 2: 30 sec of T2B
Minute 3: 30 sec of DB Push Presses
Minute 4: 30 sec of Double Unders

Extra Credit: Ring Rows with 2 sec hold at top: 3 x 8-10.

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