Member Monday

6.27.16. WOD
June 26, 2016
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June 27, 2016

Member Monday

“I feel better in my own skin . . . “

Long term CrossFit 317 member and official CrossFit 317 Nutrition Coach, Kelly Odom, is our pick for Member Monday this week. Kelly can generally be found following our Green Army programming and meeting with nutrition clients. Read on to find out more about what keeps Kelly committed to her training at 317.

How has your training at 317 impacted your life outside of the gym?
“I feel better in my own skin than I ever have, even before two kids. Not just because of the physical change, but also mentally due to the support and confidence you get from the coaches and members!”

Is there a 317 memory that you would like to share?
“A powerful memory was watching others do hand stand push-ups and I turned to Mary and said ‘I’m glad I can do other movements, but I will NEVER be able to do that!’ I’m not great at them, but I CAN do them now!”

What’s your favorite movement in CrossFit?
“Anything with a kettlebell or wall ball.”

If asked to sum up 317 in one word, what would it be?

What do you love to do in your free time?
“Spend time with my husband, two kids, and my friends. Camp, garden, and cook!”

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