4.29.14 WOD
April 29, 2014
5.1.14 WOD
May 1, 2014

4.30.14 WOD


3 x 5 @ 75%

3 @ 85%

AMRAP @ 95%


7 min EMOM


Rest 5 min

2 mile Run

We’re covering all the bases today: strength work, followed by anaerobic, followed by aerobic.

Below: the three pathways of energy metabolism. CrossFit is ‘constantly varied,’ and that refers to both the graph below and exercise selection, but workouts are determined by their metabolic effect first. We have strength goals; we have fat loss goals; we have performance goals. Like the graph below, they overlap. That’s why we don’t train ONLY strength on a given day, or run long distances slowly.


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