Charlie Hale | March Athlete of the Month
March 10, 2014
3.12.14 WOD
March 12, 2014

3.11.14 WOD

The results are in!! CF317 Intramural Open Update:

14.2 Points Total
Tight WOD’s – 34
Dr. Tank Over – 20
The Quad Squad – 17

Charles won Spirit of 14.2!
Tight WOD’s won Team Spirit!

Top Scaled Guys: RJ, Miguel, Charles
Top Scaled Women: Kelsey, Linda, Ash C
Top RX Guys: Kirk, Matt K, Jake
Top RX Girls: Erin J, Ashley, Erin K

Overall Totals:
Tight WOD’s: 58
Dr. Tank Over: 48
The Quad Squad: 34

Keep up the great work! Bring on 14.3!!


10 min EMOM

even – 3 Power Clean @ 85% (reset b/w each rep)

odd – 3 Tall Box Jumps

15 min AMRAP

1 Rope Climb

5 Power Cleans

10 Burpees

15 Abmat Sit-ups

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