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Mary Jo came to us with prior CrossFit experience. She was in search of a CrossFit community that was a better fit for her needs and personality. We’re thrilled that she found what she needed within the walls of CrossFit 317 and she’s quickly become part of the family!

Do you feel that you’ve made progress since transitioning to CrossFit 317?

“This is a loaded questions, because I have made so many gains.  I PR’d my snatch by 10 pounds my first day there. 16” box jumps which I have never done. I have PR’d my front squat by 15 pounds, and 317 offers nutrition coaching and I am feeling better and making body changes every day.”

What makes CrossFit 317 special?
“From day one it felt like I have been a member since the beginning.  From the owner to the coach to the members on the first day I came home and told my husband ‘This is what I need”.  That said, it is the people that makes it special but more importantly it is the character traits that these members have that make them special – they are real, honest, inspiring and sincere! Oh yeah and they crack me up! Boy do we have some personalities and I love it!”

Do you have a special memory of 317?
“After my first day everyone came over and gave me a high five I thought that was so nice and then as the days went on I kept getting them to realize that this was an everyday thing.  It has become my most favorite part about this place. No matter what happens in the workout everyone praises everyone all the time every day.  I can’t explain the feeling but aside from the work out being over :slightly_smiling_face: this is my favorite part of the day!”

If asked to sum up 317 in one word, what would it be?

What advice do you have for someone considering switching to CrossFit 317?
“Please do not be scared. I was a member of another box for almost 2 years and I have struggled with my fitness my whole life.  CrossFit is the first program I have not quit and have consistently attended aside from the 6 weeks after my c-section.  If you are looking for a welcoming environment, a place to better yourself mentally and physically, amazing programming, and outstanding hands on coaching (this is so important) then 317 is the place for you. Not one person lets you say ‘you can’t’….”

What do you enjoy doing outside of the gym?
“I enjoy my 3 boys who keep me very busy, I knit, I love watching all sports, and relaxing of course!”


Josh Carrico, a CrossFit 317 original member, talks about the role that CrossFit 317 plays in his life.

How has your training at CrossFit 317 impacted your life outside of the gym?
“The training at 317 has impacted more mentally than physically. Whenever I’m faced with a large or daunting project, I know that if I ‘just keep moving’ I will soon conquer it.”

Is there a 317 memory that you would like to share?
“I remember the first time I ever did the Filthy Fifty and it was the first time in my adult life that I had to truly push myself physically and I remember watching every one else start to finish and I was nowhere close. I wanted to quit and go home, I was on the verge of tears, but then all the other members started to come and count for me and encourage me. At first it was really embarrassing, but then I began to feel inspired. Needless to say, I finished and from that point on, I knew that CrossFit was something that I needed in my life.”

What is your favorite movement in CrossFit?
“I love to put weight over my head, so any type of overhead press, jerk, etc.”

If asked to sum up 317 in one word, what would it be?

What do you love to do in your free time?
“My wife and I have a 1 month old baby girl, Emma, at home so that occupies most of my current free time. I also enjoy traveling with my family and watching sports, especially Notre Dame football and Everton soccer.”


Al joined CrossFit 317 in 2014 and has completely changed his idea of health and fitness and what it meant to truly take care of your body! When he’s not working on his fitness, Al can be found running his company, Al’s Construction, Inc.

How has your training at CrossFit 317 impacted your life outside of the gym?
“Training at 317 has impacted every aspect of my life outside the gym, it has changed my health, energy and focus all around.”

Is there a 317 memory that you would like to share?
“My very first day, I had never done anything like this, it was really challenging and I could not really guess what would happen next, then I was done and felt really great for what I had just accomplished. Love at first WOD!”

Has training at 317 had an impact on how you view yourself?
“Yes, I learned to appreciate myself for what I am and can do, instead of a fake idea of what the media tells you to be.”

If asked to sum up CrossFit 317 in one word, what would it be?


Deb Lake came to 317 through an all women’s 6 week challenge, but little did she know that she was ready for so much more!

Is there a 317 memory that you would like to share?
“Being so new to 317 means that I have a ton of great little memory nuggets that I’m accumulating in such a short time. The two thoughts that currently stick out to me are:

a. Having a teammate tell me I was a good partner who helped keep her motivated through a tough workout.
b. I love being a part of the Deb Duo…. As an only child, I’m totally amused at having this funny twin-ship with the other Deb at the gym. For the record, I am Deb2. I would like to encourage other Debs to join us – we can can become an Army of Debs!”

What’s your favorite movement in CrossFit?
“Anything but burpees.”

If asked to sum up 317 in one word, what would it be?
“Team. It’s nice to be a part of a team again. I forgot how much I missed it.”

What do you love to do in your free time?
“CROSSFIT! …oh, and working in my yard, drawing, drinking beers (only the paleo beers, though), playing with my pups, and spending time with my guy. Basically, anything that lets me feel the sun on my face.”



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