Daily WOD

Just a reminder, there is NO kids class tonight! Coach Jess is out of town.

Also, we are CLOSED Saturday because we’re hosting the Sweat Angel Showdown!

If you’re interested in judging, but didn’t sign up, we can always use more help 🙂

A couple sign ups to be aware of in the gym:

1. We are forming another softball team that will play a mid week night at the new complexes just down the street! We had lots of fun and won our league last time, so come out and join the team!

2. The night of June 28th (after the Strength in our Streets) there is a group of people going out downtown Indy! Partially to celebrate Linda’s (tight pants) Birthday and partially to just enjoy everyone’s company and have fun! There has been a limo rented (22 will fit) so if you want to take advantage of that! Please sign up! It’ll be $15 each person for the whole night….be smart and don’t drive!! This is a GREAT time for everyone to have some fun outside of the box!

3. Sign up for next Wednesday’s FlexFitt! Justin had a packed schedule this week with 6 people and we look forward to keeping it that way! Take advantage of this amazing resource that we have coming to our gym and get fixed up!

15 min Clean Skill Work

8 min EMOM

3 Clean Pulls @ +90%


10 min – Every 2 minutes

3 clean pulls + 3 cleans + 3 front squats @ ~75% of clean


June 12, 2014

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Just a reminder, there is NO kids class tonight! Coach […]
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