Daily WOD

Today is the culmination of The Open Intramural League! Who’s taking this guy home?? Don’t forget to meet at Brownsburg High School at 11 and then back to the gym for our BBQ!! Families are welcome!


I want to say a huge CONGRATULATIONS to every member that finished 14.5! You all did so amazing and should be very proud of yourself! Check out this great picture of Maddie working hard through the thrusters! Big thanks to Colleen for taking pictures last week and Sarah for taking pictures this week!!


Team WOD:
“Pet Rock”

Partner WOD – KB cannot touch the floor
If the KB touches the floor, 15 Burpee penalty

50 Reps per station – as one partner works, the other holds the pet rock

Airdyne (calories)
Overhead Lunges (45/25)
Ring Rows
DB Goblet Squat (50/30)
Wall Balls (20/14)

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Today is the culmination of The Open Intramural League! Who’s […]
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