Daily WOD

This January, we’re going for consistency.

First, rowing: get into the gym every day. Row 10-15 minutes as your warmup or cooldown. Achieve 100km in 31 days. Can’t make a day? Do double the next.

Second, eating: get rid of grains for January. No hacks, no ‘full paleo,’ just dump breads, cereals, pasta and other flour-based foods.



Here’s how we’ll get started:

On Monday, December 29 attend a half hour rowing clinic with Kirk!

Rowing clinic: 6:30pm.

Next, you’ll get a handout (email) of the Eating Challenge in a special email delivered on the 29th. Included in your registration will be a daily nutrition logbook for tracking your meals.

Eating Seminar: Email.

Participation in the Challenge is encouraged for ALL CrossFit 317 clients, and open to future CrossFit 317 family members too! Cost is $20, and includes both clinics as well as the challenge (and a chance to win some cool stuff!)

To do your rowing during non-CrossFit group times or in the back room during a class, make sure you have enough classes! Each time you enter the gym to either do a class or rowing (considered open gym), you need to sign in and it will count as a class, we would recommend having the unlimited membership to allow you all the rowing time possible!

Sometimes the daily WOD will incorporate rowing; not always.


Register online for the No Pain/No Grain challenge here.

Then, join our team on the Concept2 website by clicking here. Let us know you’ve joined through email (ashley@crossfit317.com).

Send us the email address you used to register, and your Ranking ID# in the email, please!

*this is a lie. There’s pain.

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