Daily WOD

Congrats to Kate on winning the individual spirit! She has such an amazing transformation story up to this point and we cannot wait to see her continue on!! Kuddos to her for wearing a bikini & bringing that Spring Break spirit to get those points for her team!! You look awesome!
The results are in!!
The MotherThrusters – 78
(Attendance – 10, Top 3 –Kelsey, Ashley, Team Spirit – 5)
Chalk Dirty to Me – 73
(Attendance – 9,  Top 3- Matt K, Jake)
GLAMRAP – 63.5
(Attendance – 10, Ind. Spirit – Kate )
Walking DeadLifters –59.5
(Attendance – 10, Top 3 – Kirk )
Pink Elephant Cartel – 55
(Attendance – 9, Top 3 – Ash C.)
Workout 6!!  – Worth 5 points!
100 calories on the Airdyne – As Fast As Possible!
Each team member will complete this and we will get the average time.
Lowest average time will “WIN” the 6th workout.
If a team member doesn’t complete it, we will add their time in as 10 minutes towards figuring out the average for that team.
You have until Monday at 8pm to complete this!
We will have sheets to write your time on & have a coach sign to verify.

Pull-up/Dip Complex


4 rounds

400m Run

10 Box Jumps (24/20)

15 Wallball Sit-ups



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Congrats to Kate on winning the individual spirit! She has […]
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