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Here are 7 steps that can help you overcome fear to finally make change! Remember that we don’t need to change the world today, but start by taking a small step to begin your journey!

1. You’ll never know all the information. 

We want to become the expert on something before we ever get started, but that usually just delays our action. Instead, know that life is full of guesses, mistakes, and revisions. Make the best decision you can at the time and continue to move forward.

2. Have enough courage to trust yourself. 

We create all sorts of excuses when starting something new, but the limiting belief usually lies in not trusting ourselves. Give yourself more credit than that. No matter what happens in the new adventure, you’ll figure out a way to make it work.

3. What’s the worst that could happen? 

We’re so wrapped up in the end result that we don’t enjoy the process. If this new adventure is fitness…what’s the worst that could happen? You sweat a little bit and try something new. In the process, you might find out something new that you really enjoy or you might find something that you truly hate and it is not enjoyable. Give yourself a pat on the back for trying and know that you at least gave it a chance! If you found something that is enjoyable…CONGRATULATIONS! You have a new tool in your toolbox of a journey to lifelong health and fitness.

4. It’s just as much about the process as it is the end destination. 

We get so wrapped up in the desired results that the entire process and journey is ignored. The journey is where you truly learn about yourself. How do you push through hardships or when something doesn’t go quite your way? Failure is not a destination and neither is success.


5. Continue to pursue opportunity. 

New pursuits often open up more opportunities. If you pursue the interesting opportunities along the path to your goal, you can be sure that you’ll always have choices!

6. Effort matters.

Why do we make excuses like these to ourselves? It’s because if we try and fail, then we just failed. But if we don’t try, well then we can chalk it up to laziness. Get over it. Failure happens to everyone. And the funny thing is, if you actually try — because it’s pretty clear that most people aren’t trying — then you’ll win a lot more than you think.

7. Start with something manageable.

Children don’t run and jump before they learn to crawl and walk, right?  You don’t need to be a world changer today, you just need to make a small change in your own world. What step can you start with today?

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