Daily WOD

Join us for Snow Brawl 2017 on Saturday, December 16th! Join in with a team or just plan on cheering on your CrossFit 317 family that’s competing. It’s going to be a great day of fun!

CrossFit community

Share with those in need by dropping off items for the Town of Brownsburg Food Drive at the gym.


1a) Close grip floor press: 3RM. Rest 2:00
1b) Banded pull-apart: Between sets perform 10-15, slow and controlled.


Each for time:
3 RFT:
20 KBS (53/35)
20 Burpees

Rest 5:00

3 RFT:
20 SDHP (53/35)
20 Box jump w/ step down (24/20)
*20:00 cap

L2: 45/25, 20/15
L1: Russian swing 35/25, 10-15 burpees per round, alternating step-ups


Extra Credit:
1a) DB pull-overs: 3 x 10. Rest 30s.
1b) Bent-over rear delt raises: 3 x 15-20. Rest 30s.
2) Elbow Plank: Accumulate 2:00. Use weight if needed.

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