Today is September 11th. Today is a day that almost every American can remember exactly where they were when it all began and the first tower was hit back in 2001. A time that you’ll never forget and almost be able to recall every detail and feeling you had when the attack took place. This is a day each year, that we can take a bit of time to remember those that lost their lives, the first responders that ran towards the rubble to save as many as possible, and a moment reflect on the true American spirit.


If you’ve been in the CrossFit world any time at all, you know that there are various workouts dedicated to fallen soldiers or events that happened known as Hero WODS. In today’s instance, we’ll be completing a workout that is representative of September 11, 2011. It begins and ends with a 2001 row or run…thats more than a mile at the beginning and end of the workout! Most all of these works are TOUGH to say the least. They are brutal tests of fitness…sounds fun, right? Why would we subject ourselves to this and other Hero WODS?

To quote the CrossFit Journal: “CrossFit Hero workouts are just another expression of this sense of brotherhood, and they are uniquely suited to a unique community. The point is to let everyone know that the soldier did something for them, and the least you can do is complete this workout to honor him.”

These workouts are just a small part that we can do to honor those that have gave all. The workouts also play an important and often-undiscussed role for those with personal connections to the victims: assisting with the healing process and helping friends and family grieve.

Are the WODs difficult?  Hell yes. But you’re used to challenging WODs.  But wherever you go in your head to get you through those reps when your body tells you to stop, you should have a little extra fuel in a Hero WOD. Take a bit of time after the workout to reflect on what you just accomplished and what pain you had to push through and even though it may seem tough at the time, it is nothing compared to ultimate sacrifice.  As you go through the 9/11 workout, when things get hard, suck it up and remember why you’re doing the workout, then push a little harder.  This is one small way we can honor these heroes.

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