Written by: Coach Andrew Toole

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Good mobility allows us to move our body through a full range of motion and without any restriction. It is important that we work to maintain, or even regain, full mobility as part of our fitness routine. During a warm-up and workout, be aware of the areas that feel tight or even certain movements that are frustrating because you can’t get into the proper position. In order to achieve the best results at the gym, we should give a little extra attention to these areas where our body is telling us that we need some work.

In The Gym
During your time at CrossFit 317, take a few minutes before class to quickly hit your target areas with a foam roller or a lacrosse ball. Between strength warm-up sets is a great time to quickly add in some mobility to maximize time. To continue to work on and progress your range of motion on movements, it is important to be intentional with each rep of your workout. Ensure that you hit all points of performance and don’t just blow through the movements for sake of trying to chase a better score. Post workout is a great time to focus more on longer static stretching. Pick a few different positions where you feel a good stretch and hold those for at least two minutes each. (If you’ve got 10+ minutes, check out a ROMWOD routine!)

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At Home
During your time outside of the gym, whether it is in the morning or maybe even during time at night when you’re catching up on your favorite TV/Netflix binge worthy show, take that time to use a foam roller or a lacrosse ball to work out those tight muscles or even just stretch. Hold the bottom of a squat for a period of time…can you make it through a commercial? How about challenging your kids to a squat challenge and see who can hold a great looking squat the longest!

Get out and enjoy your fitness in a variety of ways to keep your body happy! We only have one body and it is important to keep it in tune and in balance. Not sure where to start? Set up a one-on-one session with a CrossFit 317 coach and they can create a personalized mobility/stretching plan for you to get the results you’re after!

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