1. You are good enough!

Even if you can’t do all of the movements or weights in the RX division, you will most likely surprise yourself in what you are actually capable of! The Open is all about asking the best of you, no matter what your current level. Your body is physically stronger than your mind may let you think. Still undecided? There is a NEW scaled division this year, which might just be the place for you to test the waters!


2. Provides you with a benchmark of your current fitness level.

The Open contains some of the most challenging workouts you will ever be exposed to. It’s not only a measure of where you stand in your CrossFit abilities, but also an excellent test of your general physical preparedness—i.e. your current level of fitness. The toughness of each Open WOD is a great way to measure how far you’ve progressed from year to year, seeing as how it’s designed to test multiple elements of an individual’s fitness. Your strength, stamina, speed, mobility and skill will all be put to the test. Once you complete the five workouts of the Open, you’ll be able to look back at your performances and know that you have set new benchmarks for yourself in all areas of your fitness.


3. Highlights your weaknesses.

A major goal of the Open is to expose an individual’s weaknesses. The organizers of the Games are trying to trim down the athletes to find the fittest men and women each year, but even if you don’t intend to ever ‘compete’ in CrossFit it’s still incredibly useful to know where your weaknesses lie. Part of the process of developing your fitness and becoming a better athlete is through identifying which areas are limiting your progress the most. Participating in the Open is a great way to achieve that, because you’ll be hit with a different test of fitness from week to week. You’ll come away from the Open with a better idea of what you can work on to get better!

4. Helps Set Goals.

At the beginning of the year, we reviewed how to set proper goals.  Creating a deadline was a great tip for keeping on task with your goals, well, what better time than the CrossFit Open? Just as the Open can be used to set benchmarks and measure your progress from year to year, it can also serve as an opportunity to create and achieve various fitness goals that you have set yourself. You may want to lose 10lbs by the conclusion of the Open, eat clean for the five weeks of the competition, PR a certain weight or movement, etc. It’s a great platform with which to test your fitness on an annual basis, and the fact that it’s a unique and special competition should encourage you to use it as a deadline for achieving your goal(s).


5. Increase Motivation.

Avoiding CrossFit burnout is a very real thing and The Open can help! The Open provides a change of pace to your regular schedule and can reignite your motivation to become fitter, healthier, faster, stronger, etc. You’ll know that for five weeks there will be one special workout that thousands of other athletes around the world will be attempting to complete. Use the Open to reignite your motivation to reach your goals—not just for the five weeks the Open lasts, but for long after that.


6. Gain Appreciation for The Best of The Best.

During the Open workouts, you get a rare opportunity to do the same exact workouts during the same week as the best CrossFitters in the world. If you are a fan of the top CrossFit athletes, it’s exciting to match your stats to theirs – until the stats start rolling in. It’s one thing to be stoked you finally hit fifty double unders in a row and quite another to find out that not only can the top athletes do way more, they have figured out ways to do it faster and more efficiently. Yay, we personally smashed a prescribed workout (chest thumping ensues), until you see the times or the number of rounds at the top of the leader board. The progression of the sport of fitness has grown to superhuman levels. Seeing their scores miles above mine only deepens my appreciation for their dedication, skill, and strength.


7. Promote Camraderie.

Every CrossFit workout is tough, but an Open workout is one that you get to share with thousands of other athletes around the world—not to mention the people in your box! Now you’re not just comparing yourself to other people in your gym, you get to evaluate your fitness against athletes from all over the world. And because each Open WOD is special in that sense, you can strategize with other athletes in the box to try and develop a game plan to produce your best score. You can pull tips from people who have already performed 15.1, and in turn pass on your advice after you perform the workout yourself (unless of course you want to keep those tips and tricks to yourself). This competitive spirit and the knowledge that you’re competing against thousands of other people doing the same workout helps to promote an air of friendly competition and camaraderie at the box.

8. Get Competing Again.

Many of us competed as kids whether on an organized team or just racing siblings to the car. Some of you may have competed in college.When we become adults, we often feel like we need to retire that side of us. Sure, we compete for jobs and accounts and other “grown up” things, but more often than not, we have forgotten the thrill of physical competition. We may not be a win-at-all cost type – and this certainly is not the only kind of competitor – but there is something about putting yourself on the line that sparks inspiration. Put that athlete cap back on and you may just surprise yourself! 


9. You might just PR!

It’s Friday and you’ve already known the workout for a day. Strategy is running through your mind all day and you get butterflies in your stomach as your drive during the box. The thrill of competition is ensuing. Crap, there are pull-ups in the workout and you’ve tried and tried to get that first pull-up, but no go. Don’t count yourself out just yet. There is something to be said about the thrill of competition and what the Open atmosphere can do for you! Show up, give your all, and you might just get your first pull-up, or PR each week!!


10. It’s Fun!

We know The Open is fun and we are making it even MORE FUN this year with our Intramural Open! Teams will be drafted to create a little extra friendly competition within our own members. Not only will each team create their own identity, but there will be themes each week to help foster the enthusiasm! Don’t feel like you’ll be much of a help to a team?…you’re wrong! Just simply showing up and completing the workout will get your team a point! Afraid that you’re not the top of the box so you own’t help out? Bring your spirit and passion to the box on Friday night and you can get extra points for your team! Read more about our Intramural Open here!


We cannot wait for the Open and it’s always a great time of the year. Over 50 of our members participated last year and we are looking to see even more! If you have questions or if you don’t know if this is for you…ask a coach! We are here to create a positive experience and don’t doubt that it will be a blast!


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