1) Workout before you eat!

Surprisingly, good exercise does more than just tone your muscles, strengthen your heart and bones, and pump you full of increased feel-good endorphins like dopamine; You also have improved carbohydrate tolerance during and after exercise! This means they are great during the post-exercise period!

Here are two great local runs that also fundraise for great causes!


2) Eat your veggies first!

Before you enjoy the “starchy” sides for Thanksgiving, fill up half of your plate with low glycemic vegetables like a fresh salad, cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower or cabbage or even some delicious, cooked collard greens before you begin piling the homemade mashed potatoes and stuffing high!

3) Bring a side dish to Thanksgiving that you can fill up on!

We can almost guarantee there will be plenty of “less than ideal” foods to fill up on any Thanksgiving table that you end up at. Will there be any healthy veggies not covered in something from a can? Doubt it! Be the hero and bring something green! Here are two easy, quick green options with recipes all ready for you to cook up! Lucky enough, they are 5 ingredients or less!

Simple 5 Ingredient Cooked Collard Greens

Simple 5 Ingredient Kale Salad!

4) Don’t go for a second helping for at least 20 minutes after you start your first plate!

The communication between your gut and brain is slow. It takes almost 20 minutes for your gut to signal to your brain, “I’m full!”. Start your 20 minute clock when you take your first bite from your first plate.

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