“Community” is often a word that one uses to describe CrossFit and why one loves to go to their box each and every day, but does anyone outside of a CrossFit box really understand what “Community” really means? Why does it bring people in to a box and why is it so important?


As a sociology major, I was able to learn about many aspects of what draws groups of people together and why people interact the way they do with each other.

Community is defined by a set of interactions between a group of people and those interactions are mainly through shared encounters.

So let’s apply that to CrossFit now. How do we make friends while in the gym because most of us didn’t know anybody when we first started right? We typically died slowly together doing sit ups, air squats, and push ups while having having some short handsome coach (yes I am referencing myself here) yelling encouraging things to get everyone through the workout. Afterwards we grab a foam roller, lay down and talk about what the hell just happened a few minutes ago. The next time we come in to workout its a very similar scenario, but now we add some high fives and sweaty hugs. Fast forward a few months and now we are high fiving the people that we have been working out with for five months or five days because of those shared encounters.

shutterstock_251595349-2So what does all this mean we may ask? Those shared encounters are what keeps us pushing ourselves, are what hold us accountable, and most importantly makes coming into workout at CrossFit 317 a blast. Those encounters create friendships, healthy competition, drinking buddies, church friends, and makes us one hell of a gym! Keep doing a great job and always put the community first.10608747_583460295113223_3866389382061200367_oIf you are curious about what a community truly feels like? Stop in and check out CrossFit 317! I always say, be prepared to talk with our members because they will come up and introduce themselves. We love fitness and are passionate about getting people healthy, but we are truly passionate about our community and hanging around some really awesome people everyday! Call 317-858-5090 to schedule a No Sweat Intro where there is no pressure, just a chance to check everything out!-Coach James

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