Logging workouts might seem mundane and just simply not necessary, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. To truly know where you’ve been and how far you’ve come, logging workouts is the only way to give you the entire picture. Sure, a smaller pant size is great or maybe you always know your max lifts, but what happens when those slow down? Do you lose motivation? Is CrossFit not working anymore? You might be missing a ton of progress that you actually are making simply because it hasn’t been logged.


The act of logging and seeing results is huge motivation and can be a source of pride and accomplishment. You see your time or your weight and know that you will be able to improve those numbers and beat those times soon as long as you are consistent and keep pushing hard in your workouts. The competition aspect of CrossFit is quite motivating and sometimes is what keeps people drawn to CrossFit. Working out in a group feels like sport again and as long as the competition nature doesn’t get the best of you, it will push you to fitness levels you’ve never dreamt of!

At CrossFit 317, we use Beyond the Whiteboard for online tracking of workouts. This software is truly amazing and can give great feedback of strengths and weaknesses of your fitness. It’s fun to see where yo stack up against other people in the gym and even other people in the world! Taking full advantage of BTWB, you can log nutrition, sleep, and weight to really give an overall picture of your health and fitness. Continue to log workouts and you’ll see PR’s that you hit as well as it will give you percentages or recommendations for weights to use during workouts. (Anything that allows us to do less math during a workout is always a great thing!)


Just like many nutritionists recommend logging food to observe behaviors, logging workouts can provide the same type of insight for your workouts. Do you tend to gravitate towards the same workouts? Do you skip certain workouts because you think they will be hard? Logging can tell that!

Try it and see how much your progress is surprising! If you are a member of CrossFit 317 and don’t know how to use Beyond the Whiteboard, please reach out to Ashley and she’ll help you out! (This is part of your membership!)

Stay tuned for how tracking and the competition aspect can get out of control.

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