CrossFit 317ers,

We are writing to you today during a time of great excitement for our gym and all of our members and staff. We are coming up on our 3 year anniversary this year!

We have built CrossFit 317 based on goals which were created a little more than 3 years ago when presented with the opportunity of a lifetime-the chance to chase a dream we never thought possible-to open our own gym and grow to a community of just over 100! We were just obsessed with CrossFit trying to build a business because we absolutely love health and fitness and we wanted to help others find that same love as well. Without an ounce of business experience between Kirk and I, we embarked on this incredible journey, which has morphed into the gym we all now call home. We are incredibly grateful to you all for helping us build such an incredible facility and community-we are beyond blessed.

We have grown from a dream to a small, short, and very green gym and now into our beautiful new facility which is over double the size, has double the equipment and runs specialty courses, skills sessions and a whole host of other services we have added over the last year to help us reach our original goal of helping other to get better faster and in a safer way. We even look further into the future to our vision of opening up the gym, creating more bathrooms/locker rooms/showers and building a track in the land behind us….no more dodging traffic! 

We started with just Kirk and I and have grown to a staff of 5, including very well-rounded and incredibly educated coaches who love their craft and work on perfecting their skills in coaching and movement constantly inside and outside of the gym. James will be soon hitting his 1 year anniversary as a full time coach with us and we couldn’t be more excited! As you all know, he’s an integral part of 317 and brings a great amount of enthusiasm and excitement for CrossFit and seeing each one of our members get better! It started with just CrossFit L1 certifications and we have now grown to specialty certifications to bring you the most up to date and in depth coaching as possible!

We have all of our incredible members and coaches to thank for all of that because without all of you this would still be just a dream. We are inspired everyday to be better by the athletes in our gym and we have more goals and bigger dreams we are working towards making a reality. We are always focused on creating a better member experience focused on helping YOU achieve YOUR goals at a faster pace in the friendliest and most FUN environment we can possibly create. We want to be industry leaders.

In order to continue to improve the overall experience at CrossFit 317 we are introducing our “2015 Pricing Structure” which will apply to ALL new, incoming members as well as anyone who is currently a member that has to cancel after May 31st..

The 2015 Pricing Structure for all NEW, incoming members and any current member who has to cancel or put their membership on hold, is as follows:

$140 per month for Unlimited CrossFit Classes

$120 per month for 12 CrossFit Classes

$100 per month for 8 CrossFit Classes

All of these memberships give you the exact amount of CrossFit you want & you don’t have to worry about paying for anything you don’t want! 

We have also added in 30 min personal training sessions!  – Need a time with more attention, but don’t have an entire hour? You’ll be surprised just how much you can get done in 30 min! 

Check out all our different personal training packages here!


We would also like to announce some changes we are going to be making to our new and improved Open Gym experience. We know that many of you want some extra skill work outside of WODs & we need to account for staffing & equipment usage, so we’re moving toward this structure for new members, BUT we’ll grandfather you in until the end of July.

We also will be including these membership add ons:

$30 Open Gym Membership Add-on to Any Membership

We’re excited for this time because it will eventually allow us to add new services such as additional programming. There are some programming ideas we have been DREAMING about for a long time which are not appropriate or even possible in a group class setting (squat cycles, strength cycles, etc) which we will be able to do in Open Gym in the future with this change. We also will eventually be able to purchase some new equipment we have had our eyes on which would not be appropriate for a group class which will be easily used in an Open Gym setting and new equipment is always fun! The opportunities here are endless and entirely up to you-that is why we love Open Gym and really think you will too! We really believe that this change will lead to a more effective (in terms of goal-achievement) and FUN time for those who choose to utilize this additional service. 

ALL members will be able to be in the gym before and after the start time of your class to stretch, mobilize and repair your body but we ask, and will enforce, that anyone who wants to do additional skill work please purchase the Open Gym membership add on. Of course, you are more than welcome to hang out in the lounge/chair area to socialize and talk as long as a CrossFit 317 Coach is there, but if you want to do more work please respect our rules. We will be very strict about this because we feel it would be unfair to our members who do pay for an additional service, Open Gym, if we allowed Joe Schmo to come in 30 minutes early to stretch and do a squat cycle for free when others are paying for the same right. We promise to be equal in our enforcement of these principles!

We have decided to make this move towards a more stratified pricing structure where our members only pay for the services they want instead of making everyone pay for everything and we truly do believe that this move will allow us to better serve you account for the increased staffing and equipment usage that comes along with our maintenance and improvement upon the high quality experience we are always striving to provide at CrossFit 317. We absolutely promise we will not quit in our effort to help you reach your goals in the most safe, fun and effective environment we can possibly provide.

Helping YOU is our goal and our dreams now, as it always has been, is to help others live happier, healthier lives mentally, physically and emotionally inside AND outside of the gym. We are so grateful to be a part of such a special place filled with so many incredible people. You inspire us!

See you in the gym! 

Ashley & Kirk

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