They made me feel welcome with that and I’ll always remember them for it.”

Join us as we take some time to get to know CrossFit 317 member, Casey Crafton, a little better. Casey has been a supportive part of our community since May 2014 and continues to grow as an athlete.

How has your training at 317 impacted your life outside of the gym?
“317 helped me scratch my competitive itch, I love trying to keep pace or sorta keep up with some wickedly fit guys and gals. And on days I am not sore I feel like I can tackle just about anything, both mentally and physically.  Then on days I am sore I really appreciate walking with no pain.”

Is there a 317 memory that you would like to share?
“Within the first month or two after joining 317, The Filthy Fifty happened to me.  I was the last person to finish in class, but I remember the people who finished way before me urging me on.  They were not screaming stuff at me, just calmly and nicely urging me on.  They made me feel welcome with that and I’ll always remember them for it.”

What’s your favorite movement in CrossFit?
“My favorite Crossfit movement is by far…whatever my most recent PR is.  So right now its Bar Muscle-ups, I got some in the Open for the first time.  Hopefully it’ll switch to something cooler like a Clean, Snatch, or Push Press soon.”

What do you love to do in your free time?
“I love playing in the backyard with my girls, figuring out how to answer their questions truthfully yet appropriately,  marveling at their silly accomplishments and when I can sneak away I really like to hunt.” 

If you could sum up 317 in one word, what would it be?
“Genuine.  Very hard to find more genuine people anywhere than at 317.”

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