What a Friday Night!! I can’t begin to put into words all the amazing things that happened! Thanks to everyone for not only bringing the spirit, but a ton of effort! We saw tears, triumph, and a lot of sweat! Below is the breakdown of points awarded for 16.2…..please note that I took the liberty (get it:)) to add some extra points because we truly had so many people bring their A game!!!


Top 3 RX (1pt)

Kirk, Matt K, James V.

Ashley, Erin J, Kelly

Top 3 Scaled (1 pt)

Melody (FINISHED!), Deanna, Sheila

Jeff B (FINISHED!), Colin, Ben

Top Teen (1 pt)

Erin M.

Spirit of the Open (3pt)

Sheila, Kenny, & Pat

So much to say about these 3 that I thought it was only fitting that they all were awarded Spirit of the Open 16.2 workout! Many have seen Sheila’s video were she rocked out a 135# clean and then proceeded to make about everyone tear up after the fact 🙂 Kenny was just down from her and absolutely crushing the workout as well. He gave everything he had and pulled out some serious cleans! You might have missed Pat’s workout at 4:40, but she absolutely crushed it! Not only did she take my “intense” encouragement, but she kept pushing on even when she thought there was nothing left to give, crushing those cleans and speeding through the jump rope!

We are proud of the 3 of you for the undeniable fight and passion that you put up in this workout!

Team Spirit (5pt)

Swole Patrol

It was a difficult decision between Swole Patrol and Shrug Life, but it was hard to ignore Dave & Matt’s costume change! Dave started out with a flag on his truck then built a bunker!….some may have missed his flag parade during the 4:40 heat as well! Then a bit later on in the night, we were greeted by Dave as Bill Clinton & Matt as Monica Luenske. Not only did they shake hands and kiss babies, but there was a plethora of fun presidential facts!

Top 7 Notable Spirit! (1pt)

Brian (& his children) – Hilary & Donald minions

Neal – Statue of Liberty

Jake – Those short shorts & American Flag!

Jeff B – Uncle Sam

Austin – Serious ‘Merica Swag

Justin – Belted that National Anthem!

Amber – Serious USA Apparel…tutu and all!


Point Totals after 16.2

Shrug Life – 46

Swole Patrol – 47

Flex Appeal – 44

Notorious WOD – 33

God & Guns – 40


16.3 Spirit Theme


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