“I found 317 and a whole new world opened up to me.”


CrossFit, Dragon Boat Racing, boxing, and soon to be grandmother . . . CrossFit 317 member, Julie Orr, is one busy lady with a motivating story to tell! We’re thrilled that she took a moment out of her wild schedule for today’s Member Monday.  Read on to find out how CrossFit fits in to her training routines and meets her needs post-cancer.

What were your first impressions upon joining CrossFit 317?
“I loved it, it was different from anything I had done before. I get bored easily, here it changed each workout, which keeps me interested. Also everyone is so welcoming.”

How has your training at CrossFit 317 impacted your life outside of the gym?
“I am a Breast Cancer survivor, going thru treatment was probably one of the hardest things I  have ever had to do, I had the whole nine yards, plus I was here in Indy away from my family and long time friends, but I never ask why me, it just happens. Through the whole time I worked and I did workout and even managed to teach Spin classes. Then four years ago my son told me about CrossFit, said I should check it out. I did online, I thought he had lost his mind, but I was getting bored with the workouts I was doing, so I found 317 and a whole new world opened up to me. So 317 has helped me in ways I would never have imagined, I am on the IndySurvivOars Dragon Boat Racing team, and after starting training at 317 I became a whole other animal on that boat.”

How does CrossFit 317 meet your health and fitness needs?
“In my mind I think I am 30 years old and still want to try everything, but I have another 35 years on top of that and arthritis, a right hip replacement, and left knee replacement, both shoulders are pretty much shot and the back sucks, but if you do not keep moving you will stop moving and that is not an option, so coming to CrossFit keeps everything moving. Understand I am not able to do some of the amazing things most of the members can do, but Ashley always has a modification for me, I wish there was one for the wallball. My range of motion is much better because of the workouts.”

Do you have a 317 memory that you would like to share?
“There are many watching the amazing people here hit a PR, but the one that stands out is when everyone else was doing double unders, something I am not to do because of the jumping , I step up and down off a box, I missed my foot placement once and came crashing to the floor on the side I was to have my hip replacement. I hate falling and I was sprung. Kirk was still coaching and he came over and said “You are ok. Get up and get to work.”, I had to laugh.”

 What’s your favorite part of CrossFit?
“The coaches, the other members. The positive atmosphere.”

If asked to sum up 317 in one word or phrase, what would it be?
“Comradery, and so much support.”

Outside of the gym, what activities and hobbies do you enjoy?
“I am on the IndySuvivOars Dragon Boat Racing Team, look dragon boat racing up online, it is a blast. I also do boxing at Title Boxing in Fishers,and train one day a week with Aaron, we box and no I do not box people, I do not want to be hit, it is like CrossFit, I love the workout. In the winter once we have come off the water, my group rows indoors on Saturday morning it is called rowbics, it is done on the Concept 2 rowers, look it up. I swim and try and get a spin class in now and then. My best hobby will be here sometime early December, my first grandchild, a boy.”

Are you a cancer survivor in the Brownsburg or Avon area that’s looking for a fitness program that is able to meet you where you are? Visit our Getting Started page to schedule your No Sweat Intro today to learn more about what we offer.

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