You’ve been coming into the gym for a few months, breaking a sweat, feeling better, and having a blast. You’ve learned some new skills and you seem to be getting stronger and a little more gymnasty. It’s been fun but have you been getting the most out of your membership? Even if you listen to the coaches and go through the motions, there’s more to CrossFit and just coming to class each week.

These five simple things can make sure you’re getting the most out of your CrossFit 317 investment.


Arrive to class prepared – That means checking your gym bag the evening before class, refilling your pre or post-workout supply, replacing damaged knee sleeves or wrist wraps (or washing them!), etc. Set yourself up for a successful workout each day!

Listen when your coach is talking – Sometimes it may be tempting to continue chatting with a friend while your coach is covering the standards for the workout. Maybe you’re extremely proficient at the movement that they’re discussing. However there’s also a good chance that you aren’t as proficient as you’d like to believe. Since most of us aren’t games level athletes we could probably stand to do less talking and more listening. Plus it’s just poor manners to be speaking when your coach is instructing and it’s distracting to others.

Ask questions – Not totally clear on the instructions? Don’t quite understand the “why” behind a workout? Speak up and ask your coach. Chances are if you have the question, someone else does also.

Make the most out of each day – There are 23 hours in the day that you are not in the gym, which can either heighten or derail what is done in the gym. A personal commitment to fitness outside of the gym will only increase your progress that you focus on inside of the gym. Do you have a desk job? Get up and move throughout the day (Have you check out our latest E-book? The Secret to Staying Fit at Work) Don’t come in on weekends? Take the family hiking or to the park. Have some downtime at the end of the day? Grab a foam roller while you’re decompressing at home.

Realize the importance of recovery – Just like an empty bank account doesn’t spend well, you can’t continually push past fitness limits without allowing for recovery time. This doesn’t mean lying in bed all day and Netflix binging. Rather think of your recovery days as a time to go for a walk, practice some yoga, get a massage, or just play a game of tag with your family. Make it a positive part of your daily routine and it will soon become second nature.

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