The holiday season is in full swing and many of us are stocking up on gifts for our loved ones. If you have a beloved CrossFitter and want to get them the perfect gift, here’s a list of our top 10 items that would many any CrossFitter’s holiday special!

  1. Jump Rope

Learning double unders is frustrating and it can be even more frustrating if you are constantly using the wrong size rope. Some gyms have great ropes to practice with and others do not, which is why having your own rope can be beneficial for practicing at home or for always knowing you have a rope that is the perfect size. Ropes come in all types and prices, so here are two different ropes that we recommend: Rogue Speed Rope or RPM Jump Rope.


  1. Kettlebell

Don’t have time to get to the gym or want to inspire your family members to get fit? A kettlebell is the bexx7167-h_1st single piece of equipment to get a great workout in at home! From swings to cleans to snatches to farmer’s carry to goblet squats, there are so many different exercises that you can do with a single kettlebell to get an effective, quick workout at home. Here are some great kettlebells to have at home.


  1. Qalo Ring

Love wearing your ring, but always leave it at the gym? A silicone ring can be your answer! Check out the Qalo ring and you don’t have to take it off! These are also great for those that have more manual labor jobs where a hard ring can actually be dangerous to wear!


  1. Wrist Wraps or Knee Sleeves

Do you or your favorite CrossFitter have aching wrists or knees? These might be a great help to add an extra layer of support during those tough workouts! We don’t recommend always relying on these supports, but they are a great help when joints get sore. There are various types of wrist wraps and when looking at knees sleeves, keep in mind that they are usually sold as a single sleeve.


  1. At Home Mobility Equipment

Mobility work is something that not many people love to do, but it is that necessary evil. We want all our members to live a long life and to stay functionally fit and to do that, we must stay mobile. Don’t know where to start?, a foam roller is the essential starter piece! At the end of the day, grab some mobility tools, hop on the floor and get mobilizing!


  1. CrossFit 317 Apparel

Science says that you shave off at least 20 seconds off your time by wearing CrossFit 317 gear! (Or that might just be our opinion J ) We have lots of great gear including t-317nowopenshirts, tanks, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and stocking hats! Feel good, look good! We have a store OPEN RIGHT NOW! 


  1. Cookbooks

Want to see results? Putting work in the gym alone won’t do the trick so grab an awesome cookbook and whip up some tasty and healthy food. A couple of our favorite cookbooks are: Juli Bauer’s Paleo Cookbook, Practical Paleo, or Nom Nom Paleo. Feel like you’ve been eating healthy, but still not getting the results you want? Chat with our Nutrition Coach, Kelly Odom, and see how she can help!


  1. Jeans

Do you or your favorite CrossFitter complain about jeans that just don’t fit right? Are they too tight in the legs and booty, but too big in the waist? Check out these jeans!: Fran Denim or Barbell Apparel. Both of these companies create their apparel with the fit individual in mind!


  1. Hand Repair Products

We all know rips are bound to happen at some point in a CrossFitter’s journey! The goal is to heal them quickly and keep them clean! Crossfixe is a great company and line of products that can help speed up healing of those pesky rips. Also, check out some of our favorite hand grips: The Natural Grip.


  1. Shoes

Who can spot a CrossFitter from a mile away just by the shoes that they are wearing? Most shoes that are made with CrossFit in mind tend to be a little flatter with less cushioning in the heal than running shoes. They also have some extra characteristics such as reinforced arch for rope climbs. Here are a few of our favorite shoes for CrossFit: Reebok, Nike, Inov-8


Good Luck and Happy Shopping!

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